Hi Bridget:
   I haven't heard enough back to schedule for this weekend, plus the
officers need to meet I think but yeah, you'd be in charge of getting
money from Penni.  Joy took the liberty of arranging a meeting with Bob
Erickson to discuss the CSSA picnic on thursday (today) at 3:30 and then
invited me to the meeting. I chastised her for taking such liberties
without consulting the officers... she wasn't on the mailing list and
therefore hadn't realized that we're _getting_ to it.

I got over my affront as I'm sure you all will in time, and have chosen to
still go to meet with Bob at 3:30 today and if any of you want to come
and can, please let me know.  I am assuming it will be in Bob's
office, and he _is_ the CSSA advisor, even though I'm sure the picnic
could well be planned without him.

Right Bob? :)

Next week Charlie I believe Charlie (the CS Chair & good guy) can make it,
the week after he can't.  I think his attendance is a very good thing,
just so my opinion isn't kept to myself.

Feedback?  Nate? Bridget?  Vitaliy? James? Anyone else who gets this

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Bridget M. Zurn wrote:

> Hello!
>         Saturday sounds good to me, any time will work, however I'm not
> sure how long I'll be able to stay. Being the secratary, do you need me to
> make arrangement concerning food/ location/ etc? If so, I'll need some
> info on how to go about that. Sorry for taking so long in response,
>         -Bridget
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