Wow, Joy, that's exciting!

Let's Chat about this more tomorrow when the officers'll be together, and
just to remind everyone...


-Caitlin the diligent

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000, Joy A. Wyte wrote:

> Hello all,
> Just wanted to give you all an update on the speaker planning ...
> I got an email from George Soules ( that guy Caitlin can't say enough good
> things about, who spoke to Myra's class last semester).  Anyway, he said
> he'd be willing to come speak on October 3rd. YEAH!!!!  I've just gotta
> comfirm use of a projector for his laptop.
> Then the night of October 24 happens to fall on the night before the Tech
> Fair.  I've spoken with a woman from IBM and Beth Wright from Career
> Services, and we're gonna pull together a panel of UVM graduates from IBM
> and other companies to speak about their experiences at work relating
> specifically to the program at UVM.  We should probably meet to more
> clearly define what we want them to talk about.  When's good????  The
> sooner the better.
> Third, I've made contact with the Ergonomics folks, and they're willing to
> come.  I just need to call and set it up.  They have a 1 hour presentation
> that includes video and something else.
> Fourth, I'm working on setting up other speakers from a variety of
> companies who can share what they do (kinda like George Soules).  Perhaps
> that will end up being another panel, or maybe we'll have them come next
> semester.  Still in the works.  Should we pick another date for this
> semester?
> I'd like to make a poster introducing the "Speaker Series" for CSSA with
> the dates and times posted that encourage people to save the dates.  Then
> as we confirm the actual speakers, we can make specific posters for each
> talk.  I figure the more posters we have out there, the more people will
> be aware of the CSSA, and they'll start coming.
> Does anyone know anything about a Computer ____ suite in L/L???  I'm not
> sure what they're focused on, but perhaps we should connect with them and
> possible plan some activities jointly.
> Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement about George Soules.  Maybe
> tomorrow during the picnic we can set up another "business" meeting to
> discuss these speaker possibilities and further clarify what we want to
> have happen.
> See ya all tomorrow!!!
> Joy  :)

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