Sorry, been busy.

I work on Saturday from early am to about 2-3pm, but a picnic sounds great
to me, although I'll probably show up late..
YES!  Half-life.  I can bring my machine (small monitor, fast processor), so
count on me.  I will be gentle ;-)


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> Hi all, this is a forward of my reply to this guy since it went to the
> cssa account and not the mailing list but I meant for it to go to
> everyone.
> ************************************
> I'm sure you're welcome to attend any of our functions.
> Isn't he, guys?  Just stay tuned to this mailing list to find out when our
> next meeting or our fall picnic will be this year.
> Speaking of which, we should get off our butts and plan that, shouldn't we
> officers? Where is everyone?  How about this Saturday before it gets too
> cold to even be outside?  We could do a combined picnic/gaming night if
> we were smart about it...  I would suggest picnic not at my house, gaming
> night yes at my house.  Our machines can play half-life, but not anything
> much newer.  Requires an ethernet ten-base tee card in everyone's machines
> who wants to bring one, we supply hub you bring cable (though we have
> extras) we did this once and it worked fine.  We have room for up to 5
> additional machines in the house in addition to our 2.
> But I digress.  I suggest an afternoon picnic on Saturday, with a
> regrouping at my place afterwards to play.  Is that too much?  Anyone have
> suggestions?
> -Caitlin
> > I'm considering applying to UVM.  I live in E. Montpelier and would like
> > check out what's going on in Computer Sciences there.  Do you let
> > students come to meetings or events?   If so, can you send me some
> > dates or times it would be good to visit?  Send email to
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> > Thanks. Luke MacDonald
> >
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