I am looking for a student(s) that would be interested in working part
time on a project developing two related applications.  The first
project involves the development of an application using the PalmOS.
The application has been partially developed already but increased
functionality is required.  The PalmOS is a messaging based OS with
strong support for database applications.  The second application is
based on the PC and will eventually to ported to a Mac.  It is a conduit

application that will be used to transfer information from a web site
(no web design will be required) to the Palm and keep a series of
databases updated.  The program will written in Visual C++ and use MFC
as a bases of the application.  If you are interested in one or both of
these applications please forward a resume to me.

The hours for this job are flexible and will provide valuable real world

experience to the successful applicant.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.