Margaret, I did a quick/dirty on Lancet online &
got this. It may/may not be what your doc's referring to.

Richard Horton, Lancet 2000; 355: 2231-36

Here's the section with the "leapfrog" reference.

        Perhaps the most substantial proposal came
        recently from the United-Nations Secretary-
        General, Kofi Annan, who announced the creation
        of a UN Information Technology Service (UNITeS)
        to provide access to medical information. In the
        newly published We, the Peoples report, Annan
        noted that the internet will "make it possible to
        leapfrog existing barriers to development." There
        is something of the technical-fix approach that
        underlines this comment. But of UNITeS, he wrote,

        "This will be a consortium of high-tech Volunteer
        Corps, including Net Corps Canada and Net Corps
        America, which United Nations Volunteers will help
        to coordinate. UNITeS will train groups in developing
        countries in the uses and opportunities of information
        technology, and stimulate the creation of additional
        digital corps in the North and South."

        Hope this gets you what you needed!

Bill Nichols
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I have a patron looking for an article in a recent issue of Lancet about a
"Leapfrog Program"--she has no idea what it's about, just that a doctor
mentioned it--does this sound familiar to anyone?