Dear MedLibbers,

Thank you to everyone who offered Physical Therapy Resources.  Here is the
summary of the responses I received :

Try this resource out of the University at Buffalo:

Try HealthWeb (  I am the "Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation" subject editor.  Under that category is a whole section on
Physical Therapy. Our Physical Therapy faculty looked at it and made some
suggestions, too.
We also have a speciality page for PT on our web page


PubMed (and all it's committees, and subgroups)
most states have a statewide PT organizations that will link to the state
     licensure office
a number of my PTs use Medscape...not sure why - probably one
   of them found it and passed the info about it around
I use the SportDiscus frequently (SilverPlatter - $1700 annually)
   - I think the Dialog name for the same database is Sport -
    though I'm not positive (and if you don't have access to Dialog...oh
    SIRC (Sports Information Resource Center - Ottawa - who does the
    indexing) picks up on some of the PT and ATC journals that aren't
    indexed by NLM.  The also index the lay journals (Runners World,
    Sports Illustrated type journals so you can see what info is being
    put out for the lay person to read and be misinformed!)
also - because we are often looking for meeting abstracts - I use a number
   Orthopaedic associations. Depending on the organization  - I either
   have it bookmarked ( or do a search (Brazialian Traumatology
   and Arthroscopy Association) to find it

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