> I am very happy with interior BC right now, although I have been told many
> times, particularly by Brits, that you haven't skied (lived) until you've
> skied the Alps.

Admittedly, I only sampled a taste of the Alps by skiing Zermatt in early
May, but the terrain was a real yawner, at best.  Nothing compared to Utah
or BC. (or, ironically, one tasty little unknown gem in extreme SW Alberta.)

> I have a Ski Europe guidebook ~1992 by Charles Leocha.  He writes a bunch
> of them; I also have America and Japan.  The Europe book is very little
> help.  Almost every place listed I have never heard of and places I have
> heard of like say Verbier are not listed.  One has to seriously wonder if
> the guy knows what he's writing about.  I find guidebooks to be poretty
> limited in general and tend to rely on info from friends especially those
> that like the kind of skiing I like.

Maybe his books are improving, but I've got last season's copies of Europe
and N. America and both were decently "insightful," IMO.
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