In regards to John's question about cost estimates for freezer beef, here
are some figures:

We use Sharon Beef for custom slaughter and cut and wrap.  They charge a $35
kill fee and then .35/lb. to cut and wrap.  Our carcass weights usually run
between 715 and 800 lbs.  We sell sides to the consumer for $1.85 per
lb.based on hanging weight
and that includes cutting and wrapping.

In looking at a brochure for another producer's grass-finished beef, he
charges $2.65/lb. based on boxed weight (which includes cutting and
wrapping).  He uses Sharon Beef
as well.  His carcasses average 500 - 550 lbs.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: cost estimates

> I have a few questions.  I am trying to develop some crude budgets for the
> direct sale of beef to consumers.  I am trying to develop a demonstration
> of the potential profit margin available when a producer sells "freezer
> beef" to a consumer.  I know some of you have developed this type of
> market.  I need a good estimate for the following.
>         1) cost of slaughter and processing (cutting and wrapping).
>         2) average price received per pound when beef is sold to customer
(on a
> side or whole       carcass basis).
>         3) average slaughter weight
> Thanks,
> John