We are involved in a long-range institutional planning project.  Currently,
we have one professional library in the main hospital building and a second
consumer health/patient library in a cancer center building, which is
approximately  mile away on the same campus.  

I'm interested in any personal comments, floorplans, staffing models,
published reports, etc. dated 1995 or newer on any of the following topics:

1.      Medical (professional) and patient libraries - combining them,
placing them adjacent or keeping them separate.
2.      Floorplans for best functionality and use of a small library staff
for serving both professionals & patients.  
3.      What arrangement best serves the physicians, professional employees,
patients, family members, community - while also protecting their privacy,
remaining convenient and service-focused?
4.      Ideas for library space utilization in the coming decade that may
differ from the past (or be completely missing from most libraries today)?
5.      If you wish you could magically add something to your library (in
the way of facilities), what would it be?
6.      War stories of things you would never do again or stories of
facilities problems you wish you hadn't inherited from someone else.
7.      Any library standards/building standards, etc. you can share
(especially recent ones) regarding library space planning.

Any and all assistance will be appreciated.  I am to meet with architects
for the first time on Monday, October 17th.  Any information you can send my
way by next Friday, October 13th will be especially helpful.  Thank you so

        Anna Beth Crabtree, M.L.S., M.S., AHIP
        Director of Medical Library Services
        St. John's Health System
        Springfield, MO 65804-2263
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