Check the archives.  There was a discussion about his a year or so ago.  It
was called the American Medical Society at the time, then it chanbed its
name.  Valerie did a good summary of the earlier discussion at the time of
the name change


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> Subject:      National Medical Society?
> Does anyone know anything about the National Medical Society and CCS
> Publishing?
> Their website is
> They apparently publish many online journals, and offer to diagnose
> medical
> and psychiatric conditions online. In order to even browse their titles,
> or
> submit a health form (for the diagnosis) you have to register and give
> them
> your credit card for $9.99.
> You can't even get the guides for authors, or their address, without
> registering.
> When I do a search on them, many non-US based information services point
> to
> the site.  But I can't get anything about who they are, where they're
> located, or any of their credentials.
> Thanks in advance for ANYthing you can send. The most positive thing that
> might be happening, is that they're just experiencing server problems that
> puts up the registration notice no matter what you click on. The most
> negative thing that might be happening is that they're charlatans.
> An inquiring mind wants to know!
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