Hi Medlibbers:
Several months ago I asked for help re a short, entertaining video on
Customer Service.  Several responded and I want to say "THANKS" to you for
your very helpful suggestions.  Special thanks go to Michele Edwards,
Katherine Dedrick, Kathryn Evanc, Shannon Clever, Kathy Martin and Vicky
spitalniak for their recommendations, especially on the FISH! video.  It is
short (17 minutes), entertaining and has a simple but dynamic message from
the employees of the Pike Fish Market in Seattle.  Here is the list for
those who are interested:

1.  FISH!
     From ChartHouse, Burnsville, MN.

2.  John Cleese Training Videos

3.  Slide Library Web Site

4.  It's A Dog's World

5.  CHI (Consortium for Health Information)
     Needs to be a member to have access.

Have a great weekend.  Esther

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