A while back there was a discussion on the list about the problem in the new
Docline of having to scroll down to enter all the info.  Here's an idea to
help alleviate the problem:  I recently bought a new computer mouse that has
a scroller wheel that you just move and it rolls down the page for you.  It
has really speeded up my entry time, so I thought I'd recommend it.  The one
I bought also has thumb activated buttons on the side that can be programmed
to click and double click, which is more ergonomic and can alleviate
repetitive strain injuries.

The one I bought is called the IntelliMouse Explorer (by Microsoft) and I
highly recommend it - it's optical so there is no mouse ball on the bottom
to clean.


Ann Ferrari
Behan Health Science Library
South Hills Health System
Pgh, PA
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