I agree with Joy.

An unrealilstic expectation has been set up for
the public.

There is a need for NLM to
explain to the public that ALL the articles from
ALL the journals are NOT available for free.

Mnay of us are unable to provide free articles
for the public upon demand.

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> I agree with a lot of what Bruce and Catherine said.  This article wasn't
> about libraries or librarians directly but, as they pointed out, it was
> indirectly about us because we weren't mentioned when we ARE a part of the
> process.
> I've noticed a disturbing trend lately.  Coming from an affluent,
> computer-literate suburb I'm getting more and more calls from the general
> public in my area wanting me to provide Lonesome Doc service.  I have to
> politely refer them elsewhere since I don't provide this service to
> non-affiliated users.  They are usually somewhat angry or critical since
> they thought they could simply click and order the article sent to their
> homes free.  I give them other options, mention their local public
> libraries, apologize for their inconvenience.  One woman was unhappy
> she thought she'd be able to get all the articles cited on PubMed free.
> had gotten many in the past and thought this was something I had done or
> possibly the National Library of Medicine.  I explained that many journals
> when first going digital had made their contents available free.  The
> journals she mentioned just happened to be AMA journals.  I explained now
> they were no longer providing them free and thus the information that was
> available by clicking and printing from PubMed before was no longer
> available.  This explanation brought more criticism.
> I wonder if NLM is hurting rather than helping by creating an expectation
> the public mind that, like PubMed, all medical information is freely
> available on the internet.  As my journal renewals show & as mentioned in
> the recent postings it is a LONGGGG way from free. Joy