Dear Colleagues,

Here in Belgium it is worse than ever... Some title prices increases of 82 % !
In 1992 I paid 1,000,000 BEF for about 100 subscription, we reduced the number of subscription and I will pay this year 2,400,000 BEF (to convert BEF into USD, you may go to , it's not an ad but it can help).

Well, if my salary could do the same, I'd be happy ;-)

At 03:47 25/10/2000, you wrote:
If you think that's bad, spare a thought for your colleagues down under. We
are trying to not only cope with publishers' increases but also massive
increases due to the devaluation of the Australian $.  It's a nightmare!

Karen Andrews
Dear colleagues:
Have you noticed what is happening to journal subscriptions?  I thought that
the prediction was for the 10 %.  But from what I see shipped to me from the
vendor, the price increase for next year is more like 30%!!!     What's
going on?  is this a publisher's counter measure for free full text online
or ILL cost  recoup or are journals production tied in to the price of
gasoline, or in adverse proportion to the stock market?
I had to keep my budget at year 2000 levels, and maybe I will be able to
justify a 3.5% market increase later on.  Or be left with no hard copy.
Interesting dilemma.
Dalia Kleinmuntz, AHIP           [log in to unmask]
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