this is both an alert and a request.

i am trying to find people who have had trouble getting ISP credit-card
accounts cancelled and money refunded for unused services. in checking
around, I understand that some companies -- and some of them may be ISPs,
especially large ones such as AOL [I have personal experience with this
one] -- are "slow" to cancel and refund or make it unreasonably difficult
and burdensome for the customer. Some companies apparent even as a matter of
practice continue hitting credit cards and make it incumbent upon the card
owner to repeatedly tell them to stop before any action is taken.

the deal here is that the aggregate of even small amounts of money and/or
interest spread over a larger enough user base can generate a *lot* of money
for companies, at the expense of fragmented users who probably think they
are the only ones with the problem.

anyway, i am working on a possible class-action suit related to AOLs
behavior and would appreciate hearding from other with similar difficulties
with AOL or other purveyors of online services.

thanks in advance,

steve snow
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