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 Subject:      Re: Daily Recreational Forecast

> > Actually I was toning down my enthusiasm for windsurfing.  It's a
 > sport than skiing.  Of course, since you don't know how, you wouldn't
 > realize it.  And by the way, no lift tickets to buy, no lines to wait
 > etc.<<

> But *far* more expensive to amass a sufficient amount of equipment!<

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it quite a bit cheaper and less
maintenance than a "real" sailboat?  Something about a hole in the water
that you pour money into?  If I were comfortable in the water and could
swim more than 100 ft. I'd be a windsurfer or better yet a surfer.
Surfing looks like the ultimate participant sport.

A friend who works at the Naval Research Lab just down the river windsurfs
on the Potomac after work on 3/4 of the days during Daylight Savings time.
He keeps the windsurfer on his truck ready for action all the time and
carries it through a hole in the security fence to access the river.  The
guards know him well and don't give him any trouble.  He grew up in Hawaii
and is also a longboard surfer.  20 years ago I tutored him from never
ever to advanced skier in 3 hours.  Good surfers are damned good and gutsy

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