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>I probably won't ski until Smuggs opens.  Windsurfing is every bit as
>great a sport as skiing and it keeps you thirsty for more since the
>opportunities (wind > 15 knots) are far fewer than skiing.  People who
>worry so much about snow cover have no idea what it's like to worry when
>the next sailable wind is going to blow.
>I made a mistake Saturday.  I decided it was too cold to sail, but I
>should have gone anyway.  But this sort of missed opportunity doesn't
>bother me much now that I'm older.  I'm no longer so fanatical, but I'm in
>no great rush to go skiing as long as there are still sailing
>opportunities.  I'll be plenty excited about skiing after I get on them
>for the first time this year.  Then I'll be hooked and in no rush to go
>windsurfing until the ski season ends next spring.  For me, it's a perfect
>combination of sports.
>Kaptain Kornelius
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>Better get them skis out!!!!!!!!
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>Hey buddy!  Some of us are still windsurfing! :)

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