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I probably won't ski until Smuggs opens.  Windsurfing is every bit as great a sport as skiing and it keeps you thirsty for more since the opportunities (wind > 15 knots) are far fewer than skiing.  People who worry so much about snow cover have no idea what it's like to worry when the next sailable wind is going to blow. 
I made a mistake Saturday.  I decided it was too cold to sail, but I should have gone anyway.  But this sort of missed opportunity doesn't bother me much now that I'm older.  I'm no longer so fanatical, but I'm in no great rush to go skiing as long as there are still sailing opportunities.  I'll be plenty excited about skiing after I get on them for the first time this year.  Then I'll be hooked and in no rush to go windsurfing until the ski season ends next spring.  For me, it's a perfect combination of sports.
Kaptain Kornelius
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Better get them skis out!!!!!!!!

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Hey buddy!  Some of us are still windsurfing! :)

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