I fully agree with Mark, that you should not camp out on the summit of Mt.
Washington in the winter.  On a good winter day you can climb Mt. Washington
in little more than a T-shirt.  On a bad day it can kill you in minutes.  If
you've never experienced full winter conditions on that mountain it is
impossible to appreciate how deadly serious it can get up there.  Just
because you ski on cold, windy days throughout the winter doesn't mean
you're prepared for the weather up there.  I used to hear all the stories
and would think to myself, it can't really be that bad, can it?  Well it
can, just read my account of a day I had up there last winter.

That was the most intense experience of my life.  It was the only time where
nature completely overpowered me.  I really can't describe what it was like
up there to people who haven't experienced truly awful mountain weather
before.  The winds, which were gusting to over 100 mph, made walking
impossible.  You can walk in winds of 70-80 mph with difficulty, but those
over 100 are impossible.  Frostbite is virtually instantaneous.  I had to
make a real effort to never expose any bit of flesh while I was above
treeline.  It was so hard just to walk up there I can't imagine camping up
there in such conditions - and they aren't all that uncommon.

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