>Here we go again, what is and isn't a stupid game/sport.


  How about;
>whenever one comes across a quadriplegic in a wheelchair and asks them what

>happened the answer might probably be "hockey".

   Ooooh, low blow, low blow! No fair. I feel I must speak up here. I played
organized hockey (not an oxymoron ;) for 16 straight years - and another 6 off
& on after that. I do know the tragedy of which you speak. That news left the
hockey world breathless. Every pro player, every hockey parent & every kid on
ice knew all the sad details. Travis Roy in his first college game for BU, or
was it BC? Anyway, as harsh as that is, it was a one time, isolated incident.
I never heard of anything remotely like before or since. And how many people
die on the ski slopes every year?

     I can respect you not watching the NHL though. I too have lost interest
in it over recent years. I mean, I still watch, but it's not like it used to
be. Not since the resurgance of what Larry Robinson calls "positional hockey".
That's his code word for the ugly neutral zone trap. In a nutshell, it disrupts
the flow of the game, slows it to a grinding halt, takes all the creativity
away, and and creates nothing but a bunch of organized havoc (theres your oxymoron!).
Bring back hockey from the 80's! That was a beautiful game where talent ruled
the ice, not the overpaid thugs you see today. No, the hockey you see on TV
today is not the same sport that I grew up with. Not even close.

     Sorry to put the whole list through the hockey talk - to make it worth
your while, watch Mystery Alaska. Great movie, and believe it or not, it's content
depicts a very real-life commitment that is as much a religion as skiing is
too us. Watch it - even if only for the breathtaking Alaskan scenery.

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