Hi Everyone!

We should have more regular meetings:  I miss you guys!

The panel we held last time was great, thanks to those of you who
attended. Beth Wright said that the employers she talked to were very
happy with the interaction they had with students at our panel.

This is intended as a reminder/ notice that the last speaker of our series
will be coming next tuesday night:

Tuesday November 11th at 7:00 pm in Kalkin 004
Featuring: Leslie Damon
Topic:    Coding Blues?
          Alternative Careers in Computer Science

Leslie has a lot of experience in this topic and currently works at
IBM. Here is what Leslie plans to cover (an excerpt from her original

Overall, CS degrees can seem (from a job skill perspective)  to be
teaching people how to program. In fact, a CS degree teaches you as much
(if not more) about logical and analytical thinking.

In many ways, though, CS students can come out of the program discouraged
about CS as a field, if their image of CS is a bunch of geeky guys sitting
in cubicles all day and night writing programs.

In fact, there are many job openings in careers that require much of what
you learn from a degree, but don't involve coding day in and day out.

I would like to talk about some of these options, and the types of
personality traits and work habits that might indicate that a given
individual should consider that job.  Namely:

Post sales technical support
Pre sales technical engineer
Technical writing
Training/Curriculum design
Product Management (aka technical marketing)

These are all highly technical positions, and involve various facets of
the skills you develop while in school.  I would also talk about actual
coding positions, to compare/contrast to the above.

Hope to see you there!

-Caitlin 'the diligent', yer prez

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