It's come to my attention that undergrads especially sophomores and
juniors are being seriously affected by a certain lack of budget in the CS

The following classes are FULL and have ONLY ONE section offered in the

CS100, CS148, CS101, CS103 and CS104.

This is unacceptable.  I have spoken with the CS department and understand
that the Dean has more or less said that we need to 'take care of
engineering'. Please do not quote me on that. We have 300% more
students than even a few years ago but money is not being allocated to CS
by the Dean of this college.  This means we are not getting our money's

As the president of the Computer Science Student Association I have
emailed the Dean about my concern for this situation.  I am attaching
this letter so you all know exactly what I said.

If this is a concern to you it would help immeasurably if you also email
the Dean.
Tell him there needs to be more sections of these classes.
Tell him which classes you are unable to sign up for.
Tell him you are a paying customer and would like to get what you are
paying for.

His name is Dr Jenkins: [log in to unmask]

This is the current enrollment page where you can see how full these
classes are.

I hope together we can help our department educate us.

-Caitlin Coughlin, CSSA president

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