I can only do my best to provide the best education that the
Elementary students in Moretown can afford. We cannot fret about $$ at the
high school level that we do not control. It's up to the taxpayers to vote
on that budget.
    I want to know what effect special education increases have on the MES
budget, specifically the extraordinary expenses. I also want to know what
our increase might have been with 'normally' expected or 'average' special
ed expenses. I also want to know that our regular ed students are not losing
in this budget unless we are going to cut services to all students equally.

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Subject: FY 02 budget update

  After comparing the FY 00 actuals with the FY 02 budget and viewing budget
development through a different lens, i.e. removing all "just in case" and
"what if " scenarios we have possible reductions totaling $31,505 and
additional revenues totaling $6,645.

  However, most recent estimates from Harwood indicate a 4.83% increase.

  Therefore, the estimated actual education tax, using current estimates is
$2.12180, a 5.4% increase.

  I don't know about you but I am completely discouraged.