Sorry for any duplication on this.... but there's money available here....

Bill Romond

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From: Dr. Daniel J. Bean [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 12:29 PM
Subject: HS research money

Greetings all you high school teachers:

  Know a student or better still a group of students who have an idea for an
original research project but lack the money to do it?  We can help!

  The Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences has received a $1000 grant from
AAAS to support research at the secondary level.  The Academy will match
that with $500.

  The grants will be for up to $500 per school/teacher.  Some criteria are:
Quality of the proposal, number of students involved (AAAS likes more bang
for the buck), feasibility of the proposal, design of the proposal.

  Results must be presented in written form and at the VT State Science Fair
and the VAAS spring student symposium (both in April).

  Evaluation will be based on design, results, effort demonstated, teacher's
written evaluation, and site visits where feasible, among other.

  Finally details for applying are being completed but will include:

1.  Title
2.  Statement of purpose (hypothesis being tested)
3.  Detailed design of experiment
4.  Supplies needed (major equipment, salaries, food,travel, and overhead
may not be paid for).
5.  Budget statement:  Items, catalogue numbers and prices, etc.
6.  Teacher's letter of support and agreement to supervise and evaluate.

  Requests must come from teacher but include names and addresses of
students involved and their signature requesting grant and agreeing to
stipulations.  Money will be awarded to the teacher for expenditure (or to
school if so desired for book keeping purposes).

  If interested contact me either by phone, email, or at home address for
application forms and more details.

  Also, please pass the word to other teachers.