Fabulous first day for us at Killington.  Tons of white stuff everywhere,
and no lift lines!  First hint of things to come was our view heading south
on Route 22 of Killington Peak shrouded in a monster snow cloud.  No
visible snow in the Rutland area, but  as we headed up through the
Sherburne gap, we began to see traces on the ground (always a good sign).
(Even the trails at Pico looked skiable.)  Then, as we turned onto the
access road, it was great so see a blanket of white across the basin.  We
heard that the upper peaks had a good foot of natural snow, and guns were
running all day in nearly every visible trail.  What a difference a few
days of cold weather can make.

Well, if you didn't make it to the slopes today, rest assured there'll be
plenty of snow for the weekend. (Bet management is trading high-fives for
this excellent start to the season.)

Cookie Melrose

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