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 Subject:      directions to Snowshoe from Baltimore

 I'm hoping that Denis or somebody else from MASH can
 tell the fastest way to Snowshoe, WV from Baltimore.
 I have business at the Greenbrier next week, and was
 hoping to take the family to Snowshoe for a couple of
 days before the conference.  Looking at at map I can
 see what the most direct route is but I know the
 reputation of West Virginia's roads and have no idea
 which of these are actually open in the winter.  What
 road do you head west on off of I-81?  any help?<

Sorry to have missed this.  Have been gone for Thanksgiving and then an
all day meeting yesterday.  I hope this reaches you in time.  If not
console yourself that you really can't get there from here - at least not
I'm also trusting memory.  I follow my nose and route numbers may be in
error, town & place names are not.

Get off 81 at 55 at Strasburg VA and proceed west on 55 for ~ 80 miles to
Seneca Rocks (town is Mouth of Seneca).  From there take 33/28 .  If they
diverge, stay on 28 to Cass Scenic RR passing Greenbank observatory on the
way.  It is an amazingly flat and easy rd. for WV.  Shortly after
Greenbank  take 5 miles of switchbacking rd. over the mountain to the
front side of Snowshoe.  This will take you onto the Snowshoe access road
about 1/4 mile from rt. 219.  This route gets me from Fairfax VA to SS in
4 hours if conditions are good.  Should be about 5 from Baltimore, Hunter
would be 5 1/2 if you get my drift.

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