Fairly busy this morning, lift was about 10 minutes late to run.  After the
initial line was carreid up the hill, there was no lift line even as I was
leaving at 10:30.  National, Upper National, Nosedive, and various other
runs were highly poachable.  They stuck some ski patrol folks at the top of
Nosedive, and I think I saw another at the top of National, to prevent more
poachings.  At about 10:00 they opened up a few more runs, Ridgeview and
Sunrise I believe.  I saw some guys earning fresh tracks under Perry
Merril -> Cliff -> Lower Nosedive.  Face shots were had on some poached runs
near Lookout Glades, though rocks were still treacherous at some points.

There was about 6-10" of new powder overnight I would say, making for some
very, very, nice riding.  They project the busiest day to be this Saturday
according to a riding instructor on the lift.  North Slope had some icy
granular, and by about 10:00 AM, right off the top of the lift, it was
reduced to gnarly packed powder until a quarter-klick down, where it was
nicely edgable stuff.  Gotta sharpen my edges.  The wind and clouds made way
to sunlight at about 10:00, where low-accumulation light snow abruptly

I hope to show up tomorrow morning to get some runs in before the masses
descend.  Plus on Sunday I see the chance of the 'R' word in the forecast,
though to be taken lightly as it is a long term forecasts.

Happy Thanksgiving,
-Jeff Ishaq

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