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> Life is filled with dilemnas. To ski or not to ski....ok that's not one of
> them, of course I'm going to ski. The question is where? On Friday I can
> either go to Sunday River or Jay Peak. Any idea of comparative snow
> conditions at these mountains?
> I'd appreciateany input.

Someday Bigger is manmande snow only at this point, the report is for 20 to
23  trails to be open by the weekend.  Applying the 3:1 early season rule we
get 6 or 7 ways down their various mountains...  They had quite good cover
on the trails they had open on Sunday, I skied from about 8 until 1, mostly
on T2.  They can blow a simply unbelievable amount of snow.  Sunday they had
guns on 3 trails running pretty much top-to-bottom and a few upper trails
running too.

The Lobster Grrrl is at SR today, I'll ask her to post a report when she
gets back.

I would appreciate any info on current conditions at Jay, as I'll be driving
from Toronto Ontario to Bangor Maine on Saturday/Sunday and thus could ski
anywhere in Quebec, VT, NH, or ME on Sunday...

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