Help, listers! I leave for Ootah on Monday with a skivt-l sticker on my
Jeep. I would love to proudly fly the plaid at Alta & Snowbird & Snowbasin
& all the others as I have in VT, NH, ME,  Big Sky in 99, and, alas,
Zermatt this past April. This brings me to my tale of woe. My cherished
swatch of plaid, which has provided the necessary ski karma on many a day
both good and bad, is forever enshrined somewhere within the Theadushul
(however it's spelled) Glacier high on the shoulder of the Matterhorn. It
was with me that morning as I boarded the tram (with 124 other hardy souls
who had a cheese course with dinner the night before and more cheese with
breakfast that morning), preparing me for the pleasures of skiing that day
(and steeling me to endure the aroma of the tram to get there) yet when I
arrived back in town at the end of the day, tired and happy, the plaid was
no more. Vanished. Lost in the endless grey and white of the glacier.

So I implore upon the gracious members of the list to provide a replacement
swatch of the precious plaid so that PattiMac and I can continue to
establish the Western satellite base of skivt-l.

Thanking you all,

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