Denis Bogan wrote:

> Regarding Seneca Rocks
> That's its name.  It's a beautiful area.  Seneca Rocks is one of the
> climbing meccas of the east, Seneca Creek has great trout fishing and the
> Smoke Hole Caverns.  I haven't sampled any of these things and really
> should but when there I'm always going skiing.

This isn't really skiing related, but having just discovered Seneca Rocks
this past summer (and having never even HEARD of the place before) I had to
mention it to skiVT-L.  The rocks themselves are an amazing thing.  E and I
were visiting the state highpoints in the PA/MD/WV area etc. and on our
planned route we had to pass through a place called Seneca Rocks.  We
thought it was a neat name, but didn't expect anything but a few boulders on
the ground or something (there must be some sort of rocks we figured).  We
were traveling along through the ups and downs and rolling hills of West
Virginia, and suddenly, BAM!, we came around a corner and there was this
huge wall of exposed jagged rock in the distance.  We both looked at each
other in amazement (and excitement) and though, what the H@ll is that?!  In
a few moments we realized it must be Seneca Rocks.  We stopped in at the
visitor center for a while just to check out the view.  Anyway, this isn't
really skiing related, but it is mountain related.  Anyone enthusiastic
about mountains that's passing through the are should try to stop in and
take a look.  I've pasted a link to a picture of them below, doesn't quite
do them justice but gives the idea of what they're like.  We also saw a
number of similar formations in the area, so there's even more to see if you
get the opportunity.


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