Dear All,

I'd like to make you aware of a special session at the Spring AGU meeting
(May 29-June 2; Boston, Ma.) on the topic of stable isotope systematics of
magmatic volatiles.  I hope that some of you will consider submitting a
paper (abstracts due: March 8, 2001; see  for more
details).  Herewith is a description of the special session:

>GS01 - Magmatic Volatile Histories: Stable Isotopic Tracing >of Sources and Degassing Processes in Magmatic Systems and >Implications for Volcanology and Earth System Science (Joint >With M, T) > >        Stable isotopic tracing of magmatic volatiles (CO2, H2O, >and SO2/H2S in particular), from their source to magmatic >degassing processes, have provided information of potential >use to several disciplines in science. Isotopic >fractionation between volatile species in the melt and >exsolving vapor phases often allows quantification of >volcanic volatile budgets, particularly when the extent of >degassing is constrained by studies of glass inclusions and >tephra matrix glasses. These results have implications for >several fields of research, including volcanology, hazard >management, climatology/atmospheric science, and economic >geology. This session will bring together contributions from >the field, laboratory, and theoretical/numerical modeling to >outline a state-of-the-art understanding of what we know and >what we have yet to learn regarding sourcing, storage, and >degassing of volatiles from magmas in all tectonic settings. > >Conveners: Bruce E. Taylor, Geological Survey of Canada, >Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E8, Canada, Tel: +1-613-943-1286, E-Mail: >[log in to unmask]; Charlie Mandeville, American Museum of >Natural History, New York, NY, 10024-5192, Tel: >+1-212-769-5339, E-Mail: [log in to unmask];


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