Aha, she snuck this one in on me while I was out for a couple of hours,
the little dickins.  Today was my 5 star day for the season thus far,
breaking the 5 star day we had at Titus Mt. on Friday(I whosed out on Jay
Peak).  So if I have experienced two five star days this early in the season
and I still have Swampfest to get to, the next five consecutive Wednesdays
off from work for the sole purpose of going skiing, Smuggs to get to with
Matt, maybe MRG if I'm lucky, maybe two trips to Hickory, if the snow keeps
a comin maybe the slides on Whiteface, the new glades on Whiteface, any and
all of the glades on Gore, meeting up with the Daboll contingent at Gore,
the Stowe annual party, probably a couple of trips to Jay hopefully when you
can't find any trees off the top; this could be a scary good season.
Tomorrow closes out my 13 day vacation with 8 days skiing and 13 total for
the season thus far.  On my own 1-5(least to best) rating system there was
only one 3 day at Whiteface and one 3 day at Gore and all the rest fours.

    Telenaut, you be real nice to your sweetie, count your blessings no
matter how small they seem to you. It could be worse, she could be nagging
you to take her skiing all the time. I do have a keeper and I hope she keeps
me after today.

    Now for my spin on the SU's post.  The way it was coming down last night
I knew we had to head somewhere today.  Using the Marc Crusch philosophy, we
decided to do a free day at either Gore or Whiteface.(They are all free from
here on in, right Marc)  That old weather radar showed that puppy just a
crankin over Albany, Glens Falls, Rutland and No. Mass.  Shirley made the
decision and Gore it was.  Oddly enough, on the trip back the place we found
the hardest going all day and the biggest snowbanks were near Lake Placid.
Channel 5 didn't even have us in the storm warning.

    The trip down was hellacious, the trip back even worse at one spot.  No
matter how slow I drove the van I almost had three recurrances of the famous
Orford off ramp experience but successfully steered out each time.  The
normal 1 and 3/4 hr drive took 2 and 1/2 and with minimal digging out we got
there about 9:30.  It took 40 minutes to hike to the lodge, get booted up
and up the triple to mid.  Just looking at Showcase as we rode up made me
drool.  The place was hopping but we couldn't hear any edges digging at all;
skiers or boarders.  We thought it seemed fairly warm but the big
thermometer at the top of the triple said six degrees and the wind was
sca-reemin.  We opted to try Sleeping Bear off the North Quad and found it
simply awesome.  I can't truly describe it appropriately.  I would have to
do a Vulcan mind meld with Mapadu and let our resident snowit laureate
describe it as only he can. The next one was the one down under the quad and
off to the left.  They had groomed the center about two swaths and left a
third totally alone on each side.  The groomed part had a foot of fresh in
it.  I tried to get enough speed to attack the left side.  Ka-phwoof---right
up to my umm, er, center meeting point of my legs.  Needless to say I came
to a screaching halt.  Shirley cruises by on the groomed and my head is
about waist high to her and I am standing straight up. We did one more under
the chair and I had almost untouched sides all the way down.  It is so neat
to ride back up and scrutinize the symmetry of the tracks 163 cm Elans can
do in the right kind of conditions.  We then did upper Sleigh Ride, the
start of the terrain park, to try to get to Twister that had guns blasting
and had not been open yet this season.  No luck, ropes still up, so we had
an unbelievably delicious cruise down showcase to the Gondi.  Off the Gondi
we found Pine Knot (to Straightbrook quad) the best I have ever seen
it(although it has only been there two years).  Soft fluff moguls, beautiful
edging and no ice anywhere.  On Wednesday it had deteriorated to a sheer
skating rink side to side and all the way down.  We found the summit much
more windy than I can remember and although I could see Rumor open top to
bottom with guns blasting all over it I opted to "encourage" the Mrs. to try
Chattimac.  This trail had been open only a day or two before that rain a
couple of Sunday's ago and closed ever since with no more maintenance.
Today they just opened it with what Mother Nature donated and it was
awesome.  The word is so inadequate.  It was like the woods at Orford,
Valhalla at Jay, upper FIS at Smuggs and any of the regular trails at MRG.
The next run we wanted to do Cloud to Mid and break for lunch.  The wind
into our faces made the flat cross top trek to the first drop on Cloud very
exhausting.  I felt like Adm. Byrd trudging across Antarctica to the South
Pole. I darted over to upper Steilhang in lieu of upper Cloud and found
totally ungroomed monster man made whales and at least two feet of powdered
drifted all over the place.  The wind sculpted whoop-de-do's made a lot
better terrain park than man could have.

    After lunch we did three more runs under the North Quad, most luscious
powder and least wind.  Then I heard some one say Twister was open.  This
was the beginning of my demise.  We started down in the guns totally
engulfed in the awesome cruising when I caught people heading into the woods
at Twister Glades.  I coaxed the Mrs. to give it a try.  Hey it worked last
Wed. on Lies on a 45 degree pitch on sheer man made concrete, what trouble
could a little powder in the woods be.  Well she described it quite well.
When she sets her mind on something look out, and she wanted out.  I didn't
really like the looks of where someone had bushwacked out but she was
determined.  Down she goes, I couldn't really tell what she hit, too much
snow over everything.  She's lying basically on her chest and the pocket she
has the walkie-talkie in.  Be-duh-loo-beep, be-duh-loo-beep; she's going off
like a dang transceiver or something.  Everyone on that frequency is trying
to answer her.  She throws one arm up like a wounded seal flipper on the
beach but only succeeds in sinking deeper.  Be-duh-loo-beep; she's going off
again and won't answer me.  This is starting to look bad and I am growing
concerned.  "Honey stop thrashing, you may loose the radio."  She stops
moving for a second and looks at me.  I determine it's best to not give any
more advice.  She explains her escape pretty well in her post but does three
more pirouette type move falls toppling over back first feet up straight in
the air on the bailout route.   I am in deep, deep doo doo.

    On the ride home she reminds me of my comments on April 26, 1979 at
Killington.  Come on honey, you can do this I know you can.  Both times she
wound up upside down on her back headfirst pointing down in a streambed.
Fortunately, this time was much drier.  If I don't ski again this season
today was still my 5 day.    Jimski

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> Greetings All,
> Time for a guest post from Jimski's SU, Shirley. (I believe that's the
> designation)  Anyway today started out great.

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