At this point, the only mandatory Canadian cash to bring is the $49 (or less)
required for the Jay ticket.  The daily expenses that you will incur in
Quebec at either Owl's Head, Sutton or Orford can be paid equally well by
using either CDN cash or Visa/MC (this includes the balance of the Owls Head
payment).  Use your own discretion on how many CDN$ you will need to bring
for sundry daily expenses (reebs/lunch on the hills etc.).  Avoid using US
cash on the Canadian side if at all possible.  While same will be cheerfully
accepted everywhere, you will get dinged horribly on the exchange rate.
Sutton and Orford Tickets will run roughly $30 CDN each.


"Eric Morton ((914) 435-4850)" wrote:

>   Can you post to the list how much CDN cash is REQUIRED prior to going?
> i.e. how much the various lift tickets will be.
>   This way, we can be prepared.  Sure, we can all run the ATM on Thursday
> night, but I like to be a little prepared in advance or just even know
> how much.
>   If you don't have the number off-hand, don't worry about it.
>   Have a nice trip.
>     Eric

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