Matt Duffy wrote:

>    Smuggs 12/28
>     When you set your sights on a 1 foot space between two trees, something
> happens inside.<snip>

> I spoke little or nothing of this feeling to Telenaut when we were stopped
> on Rumrunner.

Likewise, I said nothing to Mapadu about that little squeeze play. But I sure as heck
noticed it. I was still on the traverse above the entrance to the woods as I watched Matt
squeeze his way between two birches. He wasn't going super-fast, but more than fast
enough to cause great pain if stopped short by a tree. As I stood there, watchin him
enter, I was stunned when he chose a line between those two trees. There were plenty of
other trees around and he could have looped around the outside of either one of the two
and still gotten that lovely tree-skiing feeling. I don't think one in a hundred--maybe a
thousand--would have chosen the line he did. (and that's coming from one who likes to ski
tight around the trees;
RENSON once declared the name telenaut is from launching between the trees) As Matt said,
he had to twist his shoulders to make it through. I was in awe.

Why didn't I say anything? i didn't know what to say.
So much of the skiing I see him (and other skivittlers) do amazes me.
I thought to him it was no big deal.

I also had this sick feeling that I was pushing Matt to do stuff he probably shouldn't be

Guess I was wrong on both accounts.


P.S.Gotta go now, but still have lots to say about yesterday at Smuggs, and today at MRG
w JimBau, Kathleen, Denis and son John.
Great days both.

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