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 >November 29, 2000

 >Public Remains Concerned About Global Warming
 >78% Believe Global Warming is a Real Problem Requiring Action.

 >College Park, MD:  As the Conference of Parties to the Kyoto Treaty on
 >Climate Change continues in The Hague, Netherlands, an analysis of recent
 >polls shows that, though the issue has been out of the limelight, a
 >strong majority of Americans continues to show concern about the problem
of global warming.

 >A Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) trend line question
 >was re-asked in a November 1-6, 2000 poll and found, once again, that an
 >overwhelming majority (78%) believes that global warming is a real
 >problem that requires action.  However, this majority divides on the
 >question of whether efforts should be restricted to low-cost steps (39%)
or should also include steps with significant costs (39%).

 >While PIPA^s trend line results remained fairly constant since PIPA
 >asked the same question(s) in September 1998, two other polls have found
 >a significant upward trend. In an August 2000 poll by Harris Interactive
 >46% said they felt that global warming is a ^very serious problem.^
 >This was up significantly from a September 1998 Mellman poll that found
 >just 31% expressing this level of concern.  The percentage saying that
 >the problem is ^somewhat serious^ stayed constant at 39%.  Also an
 >April 2000 Gallup poll found that 40% said they worried ^a great deal^
about global warming, up from 28% in March 1999.

 >^Although this issue has not been part of the central public discourse
 >for a while, Americans have not lost sight of it and would like to see
 >steps taken to solve this problem,^ said Steven Kull, Director of the
 >Program on International Policy Attitudes, which conducted the analysis.
 >PIPA is a joint program of the Center on Policy Attitudes and the Center
 >for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland.
 >For a comprehensive and recently updated analysis of polling data on
 >global warming, see PIPA^s report "Americans on Global Warming" at:

Maria Sanders
Technical Assistance Program Manager
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
15 Shattuck Square, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94703
ph:  510-540-8843
fax: 510-540-4787
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