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Post-doctoral position at Limnological Research Center

The Limnological Research Center (LRC) at the University of Minnesota
has an opening for a post-doctoral fellow or a research associate who
is also interested in gaining some teaching experience.  The LRC is
engaged in (1) the study of lake sediments and proxy records
preserved in them to reconstruct past environmental changes, (2) the
study of modern interactions between surface water bodies and
groundwater and how they affect the lake chemistry, (3) the study of
carbon cycling within lakes, and (4) the investigation of regional
climate change patterns and possible teleconnections, to name a few
examples.  Most of the LRC projects deal with Pleistocene and
Holocene time periods. The LRC Core Lab is a large, well-equipped
laboratory dedicated to the sedimentological, geochemical and
paleoecological investigation of lacustrine sediment cores.  Our
facility contains a wide range of coring devices for retrieving
high-quality sediment cores from diverse lake settings.
Additionally, there is active cooperation with the Institute for Rock
Magnetism (IRM) and the Minnesota Isotope Lab (TIMS and SIRMS), and a
cross-college paleoecology program.  LacCore, the first national
repository solely dedicated to the curation of lake sediment cores is
now fully operational.

The post-doctoral position carries full stipend with health coverage
for up to two years in the range of $30,000 to $35,000 per annum.
There is no separate allowance to cover research expenses, and it is
expected that the post-doctoral fellow will initially join the
ongoing projects and eventually raise his or her research funding.
The successful candidate is expected to help teach one course per
semester.  One of the courses will be the Earth System:
Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions, a capstone course required of
undergraduate majors.  The second course may be, but not limited to,
Introductory Physical Geology (non-science majors' course) or a
graduate course in Limnogeology.  The area of research specialty is
open, but some preference may be given to those interested in stable
isotope techniques.

The appointment must start no later than June 4, 2001, and
applications will be reviewed as they are received.  To apply, send
by email an application letter describing research interests, resume,
and the names, email addresses and institutional affiliations of
three persons from whom reference letters may be requested.  Pdf
files are preferred.  Please refer in the letter to the advertisement
for the post-doctoral position posted on the web page for the
Department of Geology and Geophysics at
The application material should be sent to Dr. Emi Ito, Acting
Director, Limnological Research Center, at [log in to unmask]  Interested
persons are asked to visit the web page for additional information on
the Department and LRC.  The University of Minnesota is an equal
opportunity employer and encourages applications from members of
underrepresented groups.