We've had a Sartorius M5P for 8 years, routinely weighing out microfossil
carbonates of 50 micrograms. Apart from one breakage (and judging by how
misaligned the levelling bubble was, someone must have severely abused it)
it has given excellent service.

Tim H.E. Heaton

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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Micro-Balance Advice

Dear Listmembers,

We are planning to purchase a new micro-balance for weighing of EA-IRMS
samples and other purposes.  We will require readability of about 1-2 ug
(+/-2-4 ug).  As these are quite costly (e.g. Mettler AX Series - >$14k
USD), and sometimes tricky instruments to maintain, I am wondering if any
Listmembers have recently researched new micro-balances and then made a
purchase decision.  And if so, were you pleased with the performance,
stability, and reliability of the micro-balance you purchased?  Was it
robust enough for a multi-user environment?  Was the price negotiable from
the list price?  Any models to avoid?

Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated.

Len Wassenaar

Leonard I. Wassenaar, Ph.D.
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