Dear Anthony,

I would like to try helping you with your beam focussing problem, but there
are some things that I should know before I can say something:

- What happens if you raise the beam focus again after it drops? Does it
stay fixed or does it raise along according to how you set it?
- Is it possible that the beam focus is ok, but the software is not
following? I have had the problem sometimes that when I raised the beam
focus, saved the source file and the reloaded it, some funny beam focussing
numbers appeared.
- How do your beam signals look like (compared for example with when you
didn't have this problem)?
- Is only the beam focus acting strange, or do you have other source
parameters doing weird things?

Best regards,


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Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological sciences
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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Europa 20/20 beam focus

Hello all. I'm using a Europa 20/20 and am having problems with the beam
focus. Here is a description of the problem:

- In all of the following situations the beam focus was set to 87%.

When the HT is set to 4000V, the beam focus goes to 30%.
When the HT is set to 3000V, the beam focus goes to 54%.
When the HT is set to 2000V, the beam focus goes to 65-67%.
When the HT is set to 1000V, the beam focus goes to 86%.
When the HT is set to 0V, the beam focus goes to 50%.

I am hoping that somebody out there has had this problem before and knows
of a quick fix so that I don't have to wait until tomorrow to get help from
tech support.