Hi Goeff

we had the same problem recently and it was due to the transformer of the
mains. in the electronic scheme EHT supply it is transformer T1 and the fuse
that was blowing was FS2. there are two coils at the entrance to the
transformer. check that the resistance on both is the same. if it is not,
then probably the transformer is dead. we bought a replacement from a
company in england, I can check their name and address if necessary.

good luck

Hagit Affek
Environmental sciences and energy research
Weizmann institute of science
Rehovot, 76100

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>Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] optima HT supply problems.
>Date: Tue, Jan 9, 2001, 10:30 PM

> Hi All,
> We're having problems with the HT supply on our MM Optima.  The exact
> problem is diffucult to diagnose because the HV supply blows the mains fuse
> as soon it it is turned on - even when not connected to the source.  Ive
> been over most of the front end ( ie main transformer, recifiers, etc) and
> not found any thing wrong electronically.  Has anyone seen this type of
> failure before, and if so, what was the problem???  Thanks in
> advance.............
> Cheers,
>        Geoff
> Geoff Koehler
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