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The IGCP Project No. 386 “Response of the Ocean/Atmosphere System to Past Global Changes“ (http://www.uni-muenster.de/GeoPalaeontologie/Geologie/Histo/igcp.html) Final Meeting will be in  2-10 June 2001 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Time: Saturday, 2 June: arrival, registration, ice-breaker party. Sunday, 3 June  Tuesday, 5 June: Meeting in Tallinn. Wednesday, 6 June - Saturday, 9 June: Geological Excursion. Sunday, 10 June: final day and departure.

Geological Excursion: During the field trip, the following successions will be studied: terrigenous rocks across the Cambrian/Ordovician boundary, carbonate rocks of the Lower and Middle Ordovician in the environs of Tallinn, Upper Ordovician carbonate rocks (Hirnantian Porkuni Stage included) and oil shale in NE Estonia. In addition: drill core sections and carbonate rocks of the Wenlock, Ludlow and Pridoli on Saaremaa Island will be displayed.

Preliminary registration before 15 January 2001.
Second circular with firm dates, details about abstracts, costs, etc.- 1 February 2001.
Deadline for payments  15 March 2001.
Deadline for abstracts  15 April 2001.
Final information about the programme  15 May 2001.

A homepage has been set up which also includes an on-line registration form. Please visit this site at: http://gaia.gi.ee/gi/IGCP386/ or contact for registration by E-mail Enli Kiipli: [log in to unmask]

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