At the January 9th meeting of the Public Records Advisory Board
(PRAB) the E-911 Board submitted several requests for scheduling
its records (scheduling meaning how long various records series
need to be kept, by whom).  The requests were reasonable but
raised issues about how coordinated recordkeeping practices were
between the Board and municipalities.  In turn, these issues raised
concern about potential liability, as well as effective administration
of E-911.  Specifically, the issues surrounded two series:
--"Town files: Municipal plans, street and road names,
correspondence and database updates."  The request was to have
the Board hold these records after re-formatting them.
--"Town Update Forms: E911 forms used by all towns to update the
following information in the E911 database: Road changes, site
building changes."  These are restricted records under 30 V.S.A.
7059 and the Board proposed destroying them once the forms were
Since these records are part of the information flow between the
Board and municipalities, questions were raised about how the
records were managed locally, how the record exchanges were
documented, etc.  PRAB is interested in whether the
municipalities, in coordination with the Board, should adopt
schedules reflecting their local management.  John Cushing is a
member of PRAB and can speak more authoritatively on the issues
from a municipal perspective.
Gregory Sanford, chair, PRAB

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I'm on a regional 911 advisory board.  We have a meeting Tuesday night and
I'm supposed to ask if town clerks have any concerns with 911.  Please let
me know by noon on 01/23/01.


Gail Fallar
Tinmouth Town Clerk/Treasurer