"People who ski don't ski when they're feeling sick,
skiers ski no matter what!" I proclaimed to my wife
Kristin, then I fell back onto the couch in a tired
slump. Sunday was a powder day I was going to miss.

Feeling better on Monday, I beat the crowds and made
4th chair at Jiminy. While there were strong winds,
there was still a reasonable amount of fresh snow to
be found.

Skiing blacks is new to me and I had a blast on Wild
Turkey, Upper Whirlaway,  and then feeling a bit
braver I even ventured onto Jericho. There were some
icy spots, but they could easily be avoided. The best
cruiser of the day was John Hancock, covered only with
natural snow!

As always a day skiing is better than anything else,
but New Year's day was a bit sweeter with all that
snow. I'm confident enough to try MRG now and hope to
make it there after the next snowstorm.


P.S. What's the story with the plaid "flag", and how
does a person earn the right to wear it?


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