>I did see a used one on consignment, but I need
>advice. The brand & model is Ortovox F2. It's analog, with frequencies of
>457KHZ & 2,275KHZ. Price tag said $120, but I was told it's been there for
>a while and I could take 10% off that price.
>   Is it worth it? Is it modern enough? Am I better off trying to find
>someone who'll let me borrow theirs?

That's the same model that I picked up on eBay for $76.  I'm told that the dual-frequency models don't have the same range as the new single-frequency ones, but hey ... it puts out on the right frequency (OK, I'm *not* touching that one, strong though the temptation to do so may be), and it's certainly better than none. It's also compatible with any other beacon out there.  So, I was convinced that $76 sure beat $300 for the number of times that I actually need one.

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