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>I later learned that they were skipping every other chair for
>part of the time I was waiting.  It was a very long wait and I never
>why the skippage.  Maybe somebody has an idea.


   The reason I was given was a lot of frost/snow caked in the cable, thus
the extra caution. The one and only time I rode M1 all day, the wind as you
said didn't seem that bad, until I neared the top. For that last gap
between towers, my chair was swaying. They shut it down completely around

> It was nice to have a lot more snow but I can't say
>that it did much for covering dangerous foreign objects protruding from the

 hmm... The only times I hit anything were down low in the Back Bowls.
Weird that you hit something on Chilcoot... On the 30th, that trail was
nothing but chewed corduroy top to bottom - not even a tiny pebble. Only
thing I can think of is maybe some kind of big death cookie; if they
started making snow after I left that day (12/30)..

> I opted for M2.  I believe that this
>was a very good choice because it hadn't been skied the previous day.  This
>gave it the full benefit of two days of snow and it was beautiful.

   Believe it or not Kor, they did run M2 the previous day, for 3 hours
after they shut down M1. There was so much new snow on the 1st that all
tracks from the 31st got buried deep!

>I decided I needed to hike up to FIS again.

    Wow, this is weird, I think I talked to you on Doc Dempsey. If it
wasn't you, it was someone with exactly the same story about checking in
with patrol and so on. A plaid sighting without recognition?

   By the way, did you notice the name tag on that power tripping jerk
patroller? If you do, and it said "Jay" something, I'm not surprised. That
guy's got a serious bad attitude.


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