Tom Moore says about Squaw:
> I get many a compliment on my forest green MRG vest
> out here. Just wondering what people would do if I
> was wearing a Killington vest? Spit on me or just
> go out of their way to avoid me?

I know at least a dozen ex-Killington share house people who have season
passes at Squaw.  The 7-11 at the bottom of the Squaw access road is owned
by ex-Killington people, too.  In fact, I can't think of a single ex-
Killington skier who is at any of the other Tahoe resorts.  I'm not sure if
this is a slam on Squaw but we tend to go for the biggest brash unfriendly
resort...  Probably, they'd say, "Welcome to Killington-West" ;-)

If you see this Trooper in the members parking lot, tell the driver that
you know he used to be one of those loser Killington skiers and his MRG
bumper sticker is just for show...

Geoff (evril K-marter)

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