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 Subject:      Re: X-Screams

 How do u think they would handle on a race course. I need a good all
 ski that can handle bumps, and trees, as well as gs racing ( i know their
 no such ski, but these look like a compramise). Do they run pretty well
 high speeds on the hardpack. Thanks for any info- ian<

They will do great in the race course.  They're an all mountain shaped ski
with a turn radius of 22-30 meters (give or take a little bit).  Such skis
make great carved turns on hardpack on the feet of a good skier.  Not to
brag (well a little bit) but see;
When you are able to stay within a few tenths of a second of the NASTAR
pace setter on any mountain, then it is probably time to get a more race
specialized ski.  Anybody got a pair of XScreams with a big riser and tele
bindings that I can try? :-)

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