>From:         Matt Duffy <[log in to unmask]>
 Subject:      Oh No!

      Something grabbed me on the way through the opening. It spun me
 a bit, which is when I felt something give. This is bad. I laid there for
 second, facing the wrong way and replayed it. Simultaneously as I felt it
 give, I heard it go. Rip.<

Well you scared me!  I was afraid the next line would say it was an ACL or
some other important body part.  Be a little careful out there.

>      So now I need a new jacket. Or maybe this one can be repaired;
there's a 3x5" flap torn above the right hand pocket of the outer shell.
Not on a
 seam of any kind. I really don't think duct tape will do it because while
 I'm usually dry inside, the outer layer of the shell get's so soaking wet
 you can wring it out. This, of course, is from skiing in Oinkerville. So
 any suggestions? Sew it? A patch? What??<

There's a temptation here to say, "fix your own jacket you oinking SOB".
:-)  Now that I got that out of my system, what I would do is get some
nylon cordura of matching color (maybe sacrifice a stuff sack) and take it
to one of those Korean Mom & Pop tailor shops that you find in every strip
mall and they'll make it as good as new for $10 or less.

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