Burke 12/27-28

Possibley old news by now but I have just returned from
holiday traveling.  We skied Burke thursday and friday.  As
usual, there were no lift lines.  There was plenty of fresh
snow, plus approximately 2-3 inches evening.  They seemed to
have most everything open.  What was nice to see, were trails
open with "Thin Cover" signs.  While these signs were up for
a number of trails, we thought that only Lew's Leap and the
very top of Dougs Drop deserved them.  We didn't sample the
woods while we were there, but there were tracks heading in.

The 27th we were slow to organize and didn't get out until
10:30.  After two runs the cold made some go in to warm up
and defrost goggles.  I think the high temp was only 8
degrees.  This seemed to be the way the day went.  Most of our
group went in after two runs to warm up.

The 28th was better organized as we were on the lifts by 9am.
We skied all over from Wilderness to Lew's Leap.  No trip to
Burke would be complete without a trip down East Bowl.  It's
a great winding trail, but is dogged by a traverse at the
end.  The cover on this trail was great 2/3 of the way down.
Near the end there was some brush pushing through the snow,
but it was still very skiable.

Denville NJ, 12/31

Due to plans, we had to leave VT on Saturday.  The drive
home was long, slow and heartbreaking imagening what the
weekend would be like after the storm.  But to take
advantage of 18+ inches in NJ I earned some turns down here.
As I explained to my SU, snow is a fickle thing, take
advantage of it as you can.  (Yes, she questioned my sanity
about skiing alone here in NJ after two days at Burke).
Short story: got to the Tourne a little after 8, loaded the
back pack with boots and skis and climbed to the top of the
Tourne.  Atempted to ski the hiking trail only to realize it
was barely steep enough.  The whole adventure was great fun.
Next time, Wildcat Ridge or Allamuchy.

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