A comfortable blue square "woods" run... without all those pesky trees.

Those who'd like to sample some off-piste earn-your-turns without fear of eating bark might enjoy the run Jerm recommended for me and 'boarder daughter Laura.

Clearly marked ("Lincoln-Warren Gap Road") just south of the town of Lincoln, is this unmaintained winter blue-square treat.
Saturday the snow was surprisingly well packed (a fair number of sledders, 'bilers and XC skiers were there), with bits of fresh along the sides. There was no problem parking at the end of the maintained dirt road.

From there, a 45 minute hike takes you to the road's peak. And from _there_ you can take the clearly marked Long Trail in either direction for some more vigorous activity (which we did not do). The road itself made for a pleasant woods experience. Seemed like there'd be some great views, too, but it was cloudy the day we were there. Just looking at the woods was a refreshing change from lift-served.

The ride down was an excellent blue square pitch, with some curves to it to keep it interesting, and steady enough for a 'boarder to maintain momentum throughout. Myself, I thought the whole up and down was over way too quickly, but my daughter thought it was just right.

Thanks, Jerm.


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