> I was at Belleayre today, after 21 inches plus of new snow.  Absolutely
> wonderful.  No plaid sightings, but had a friend of a plaid
> sighting.  Friend
> of mine turns out to know a patroller named Mike Shaw.  This is
> the same Mike
> Shaw that Marc Guido once told me about (they patrolled together at Jay).
> Small world.

I somehow missed this on the first read!!

> So, I went up to him to pass on the greetings he sent me.  I
> think his exact words were that Marc was a no-good wanna-be skier
> that still lives in Florida despite his claiming that he was going to move
back up
> north.  Of course, he said that lovingly...

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... Mike's a good guy, regardless. ;-)  In fact, AFAIK you
*did* have a plaid sighting, because the last time I checked, Shaw was a
lurker.  Don't know if he stayed subscribed to SKIVT-L after moving to the
Catskills from Waterbury, VT though.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle
black!  Compared to Waterbury, he might as well be in Florida right now.
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